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Being a Kelowna Photographer means we pretty much never shoot in the rain. Well, that was not the case for June! Rain means soft cloudy light, lush greens, and one water puddle that allowed us to create the most interesting reflection portrait!

The day began with Bailey getting ready in Lake Country, BC. Her family and friends were around her and you could feel the excitement. Look for her Dad’s reaction seeing her in her dress for the first time! Meanwhile, in Kelowna, Tim got dressed at his parent’s home where he grew up right on the Okanagan Lake. The guys were full of jokes and laughter and soon Tim was zooming off to the ceremony while the rain continued to fall.

The beautiful ceremony was held at Lake Country Alliance Church. Vows, rings, and kisses, brought these two together forever and soon it was time to venture into the weather for Wedding Party and Couple’s Portraits.

The bridal party traveled to Kaloya Park were we used a huge weeping willow tree to provide shelter from the rain and where a duck joined us for a few shots. The duck followed us around for awhile and then we traveled to Bailey’s MOH’s house for photographs around the farm and in the Cherry Trees! The rain let up so we stopped on the roadside to capture the lovely Oyama Countryside.

The Reception was held at the Winfield Memorial Hall. After the grand entrance and dinner, we snuck out for a few more portraits. Later, we enjoyed some energetic and emotional speeches, followed by ice cream, followed by dancing! These guys could move. It’s so much fun when a room goes a little nuts like these guys did and as a result there’s no shortage of great party images.

Thanks Bailey + Tim for a great day!


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Ceremony: Lake Country Alliance Church
Wedding Dress: Ten Fashions Boutique
Jewlery: People’s and Ben Moss
Reception: Winfield Memorial Hall
Officiant: Ric Cyr
Decor: DIY
Floral: Designer: Village Flowers
Hair: Becca Nickel
Makeup: Bethany Koepke / Chelsea Edwards
Videographer: Noel Erhardt

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