Our Story

We met and fell in love a lifetime ago in Southeast Texas! We’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart (awww), spending the majority of our married life together in British Columbia, Canada before relocating back home to Southeast Texas. We love picking up a guitar and singing together at all times of the day and night, walking arm in arm on cool fall nights, and stealing little moments throughout our busy days to connect. We love creating moments together with our three kids, reading through The Lord of the Rings series (with all of the voices) and taking them to the beach for golden hour picnics and watching them dig in the soft brown sand and splash in the warm water. We love watching our story unfold through the years, and that’s what we want for you, and for your most important memories.

We can’t wait to capture these moments for you.



I love the color yellow. I really love a locally roasted coffee in the morning, and earl grey tea in the afternoon. I love pretty tea cups. I love cooking with my 12 and 13 year olds and cuddling with my 7 year old when he wakes up early in the morning. I love to sing with gusto and once thought that is what I wanted to be when I “grew up”—a singer. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. I love to read books; I love the classics like Pride and Prejudice as well as books about living out faith in God.



I spent a couple years touring America in rock bands. I play drums and guitar and mandolin. I like people. I like taking pictures, but I love taking pictures with people in them. I like my long board. I like locally brewed craft beer. I like reading. I love my church. I Love my wife. I love my children.