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Kerry + Braydon’s Summerland Wedding at La Punta Norte over looking the Okanagan Lake, was hot and wonderful! The day started with Kerry at La Punta Norte and Braydon at the Summerland Waterfront Resort. The Spanish stylings of La Punta added the perfect dramatic flair for Kerry and her bridesmaids, while Braydon kept things relaxed hanging with his friends and a nice bottle of Scotch.

The ceremony site at La Punta is pretty epic as far as views go! The gazebo provides a perfect view of the Okanagan Lake behind and your guests can really enjoy what the Okanagan has to offer. After the touching vows, rings, and kiss, we grabbed some pictures with the bridal party in the warm sunlight before heading off to Okanagan Crush Pad Winery for portraits of our couple.

Soon it was reception time back at La Punta Norte under the white tent. The Chef Instead provided an amazing BBQ dinner and the speeches were soon underway. After plenty of laughs and tears, we snuck out just after sundown for a few pictures in the soft light. Later, back in the tent, DJ John Bird made sure that dances, and tosses, and the party went off without a hitch!

Here’s a few favorites from the day!

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Venue: La Punta Norte
Dress: Bridal Boutique Calgary
Shoes: Betsy Johnson
Rentals: Westminster Party Rentals
Catering: The Chef Instead
Florals: Garden Works Penticton
DJ: Airwaves

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