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This sunny Spirit Ridge Osoyoos, BC wedding was pretty awesome. The location, the weather, the views; it was all totally worth the short 90 min drive from Kelowna to celebrate Lauren + Ryan’s wedding day!

Both Lauren + Ryan got ready at the Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos. Lauren with her bridesmaids and Ryan with the groomsmen. The Groomsmen had some time before the ceremony so we headed over to an amazing barn for shots of the boys!

The ceremony was held on the rooftop of┬áSpirit Ridge resort. It’s hard to find a better view for a ceremony! After vows and rings, we headed down to the vineyard where the bridal party and bridesmaids laughed and smiled and had some lovely photos taken among the vines. We stayed in the grapes for Lauren + Ryan. There’s just something about rolling hills of grapevines that is amazing for photography.

The reception was held right there at the resort where the room was beautifully decorated and the plated dinner was expertly prepared. After speeches, cake, and mingling, DJ Spinalshift took the reigns and carried us into the dancing with ease. Soon after first dances, there were the tosses and partying on into the night!

Thanks Lauren + Ryan for such a great day!

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Venue: Spirit Ridge Resort
Hair/Makeup: Solterra Desert Spa
Dress: Paloma Blanca
Decor: Impressions Wedding & Event Rentals
Cake: Cupcasions
Florals: Tangerine Orchid
DJ: Spinalshift
Harpist: Caroline MacKay

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