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We absolutely love our hospital in Kelowna. It is where we became a family of three, and then four, and then five! The hospital is a place of care, warmth, and kindness. After the birth of our two oldest babies, while staying in the hospital, we recognized that the artwork was a bit outdated. You may remember that we donated a large body of newborn photography work to decorate the halls of the Kelowna General Hospital maternity ward, to warm the halls and hearts of the people who stayed there. When KGH remodeled the bulk of existing buildings and built new buildings, the maternity ward was moved and the pictures were taken down. We were bummed, but we were happy for the hospital to improve it’s facilities!

Well, when we got an email asking for new images to be in installed, we were excited! This time the photographs were going to be in colour, and installed in the Labour and Delivery ward. We sent in a selection of photographs, and the art committee with the KGH Foundation selected which photos were their favourite. We are honoured to be one of the 4 photographers selected to continue to warm the halls in the new Labour and Delivery and Postpartum wards of KGH.

The other day, we went for a stroll in the hospital to finally get a chance to look at how the photos turned out! We were blown away by the warm welcome our Kelowna lifestyle newborn photographs bring to the mom’s and dad’s as they begin their journey into labour and delivery. Our hope is that as mamas walk the halls to help work through those stages of labour, that these images will give them strength and the warmth that they need to push through to the last legs of bringing those babies into the world!

Kelowna Newborn Photographer KGH Barnett Photography_3016 Kelowna Newborn Photographer KGH Barnett Photography_3016 Kelowna Newborn Photographer KGH Barnett Photography_3016

Having a baby? Book a tour of the lovely Maternity Ward at Kelowna General Hospital and see our work in Labour & Delivery!

Need a beautiful collection of photographs to document this life-changing moment in your life? Email Carly today! She’s some type of baby-whispering newborn photography genius!

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