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Last week we got to meet Baby Kai. His mommy, Chelsey, laboured from Christmas Eve until Boxing day when her and Daddy, Chris, were introduced to Kai at Kelowna General Hospital.

This Kelowna Newborn Photography session was by far one of our fave newborn sessions to date. Baby Kai is as sweet as can be. He is calm and relaxed (like his parents), and he was the perfect little model. He has a full head of the softest hair you will ever touch, and is perfect from head to toe.

We loved the way Chelsey decorated the nursery. Having found a great deal on a used glider chair, Chelsey’s mom re-covered the cushions with the perfect colours for the nursery, and making the chair look extra cozy and comfortable for those long nights of sweet baby cuddles at 3am. Chelsey incorporated some little touches in the nursery that belonged to her sister, in loving memory. Everything from the plush little stuffies to the painting done by a friend, to a little tree that Chelsey’s friends made with their thumbprints, makes this such a cozy little nursery.

Enjoy this little preview of a fraction of the amazing newborn photos Carly captured of this little 10 day old boy.

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