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Sweet little Reese was just days old when I had the pleasure of doing her in-home Kelowna Newborn Photography Session in West Kelowna. Her mama and daddy had discovered my baby whispering magic in the halls of Kelowna General Hospital, where I have gracefully plastered the walls in beautiful sleeping baby art work.

Reese is the most peaceful baby. I am sure she gets her easy-going vibes from her mama and daddy, who are some of the most easy to talk to clients I’ve ever had. Having never met little Reese’s parents, we sure had a lot to talk about from our shared occasional love of Kraft Dinner (as a comfort food), to what vacations you can go on and feel the slimmest while still eating so much food…. I think the session must have been over the lunch hour and we were super hungry. But Reese slept through the entire session, making my baby whispering job so easy.

I love when parents have special items ready for me when I arrive. In this case Lindsay had laid out two special blankets made by Grandma (whose hands are pictured), along with a few little headbands and a tiny little ruffly outfit, making this newborn session uniquely Miss Reese. Then at the end of the session unique turns a whole new page with Baby Reese stylin in a classic retro cherry red car, and Daddy’s heart went pitter patter.

Enjoy this sweet little babe and send her lots of love.

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