Kelowna Forest Wedding | Casey + Troy

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This Kelowna Forest Wedding at Bo.ttega Farm Inn was a wedding photographer’s dream come true! Casey + Troy kept things fun as we enjoyed all that this amazing place has to offer! Tall trees, complex architecture, and alpacas!

Casey got ready in the library room with her closest friends and family. The weather threatened rain, but this barefoot mountain climber was at ease! In fact, Casey kinda wanted it to rain! This girl is one with the nature! It was a touching moment as her mother helped her into her dress. Casey wore the dress that her mother was married in. With a few modifications, it became the perfect touch of classic for Casey on her wedding day.

Troy reviewed his vows and got dressed in a separate suite. He was calm and excited at the same time. His goal for the vows was to get “off paper”, but in the end, he decided he wanted to say it just right. That meant the paper came with him as we met his groomsmen down in the green room. Troy’s closest men are a testament to his strong friendships, loyalty, and a love for Star Trek nerdiness. I (Josh) grew up on TNG so I felt at home.

The ceremony was held under the tall trees in the outdoors. Instead of rain, the sun shone brightly as Casey + Troy wed each other in front of their friends and family! Casey surprised Troy by having the harpists, Caroline play a favourite Disney song during the wedding. Caroline was perfect for creating a beautiful and ethereal mood during this Kelowna forest wedding.

After family portraits, we enjoyed some laughs with the bridal party. We loved the different coloured bridesmaid dresses and the contrast of the guys black suits with Troy in grey. Later we explored the property finding trees, lush green everything, and then…Alpacas! These guys have personality and it’s awesome when they come out for pictures!

The reception at Bo.ttega was beautiful with a mix of nature and architecture satisfying the whims of both the bride and the groom. After dinner and a few very touching speeches, we went back out for sunset photos to find that it did indeed rain a little. The rain clouds softened the light perfectly allowing for some pretty cool portraits against the building.

Soon, it was time for dancing with Troy + Casey swaying under the string lights outside of the reception room. After a lovely Father-Daughter dance, DJ Pynappels had the room hopping for the rest of the night!

Thanks Casey + Troy for letting us be a part of this amazing day!

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Venue: Bo.ttega Farm Inn
Dress: Bride’s Mother’s dress
Officiant: Marjoein lloyd
Harpist: Caroline McKay
Jewelry: Tomo Jewelry
Catering: Brodo Kitchen
Floral Design: Cheryl Trachuck
Makeup: Sephora
Hair: Terry Scherer
DJ: DJ Pynappels
Stationery: Botanical Paperworks

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