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This Downtown Kelowna Wedding was definitely a highlight for us! We met Jeff and Carmelyn through mutual friends and they are really just the nicest people around!

Carm got ready with her bridesmaids at the Delta Grand Hotel right on the Okanagan Lake, while Jeff got ready with his groomsmen at their home in Lake Country.  We love this beginning part of the day as we get to see how our couple is with their friends and family.

We met at Knox Mountain for Jeff + Carm to see each other before the ceremony. Knox is a great spot with it’s views of Kelowna and the Okanagan Lake.  Next we photographed the bridal party and then went a little higher on the mountain for a few portraits of Carmelyn + Jeff. Days like this one are fun because instead of one 45 minute block of portraits, we get to do a few different 15-20 min sessions. It really adds to the variety of pictures the couple can receive!

The Ceremony was held indoors at The Laurel Packing house with Jeff’s best friend’s Dad officiating. To see Jeff’s best friend’s wedding, Click Here!

After the ceremony we grabbed a few more pictures and then it was reception time! Jeff + Carm were announced and they walked in and immediately began their first dance with the afternoon light streaming in through the big Laurel Packinghouse windows. These guys really crafted a day that worked for them. It’s great to see such personalization in a wedding day! Later we popped out in the evening sun for a few more photos. We were really able to capture that Downtown Kelowna Wedding vibe as the sun set behind the buildings. The rest of the night flew by with games, dances, and then Jeff took the stage with his friends and performed a few songs for us all! It was awesome!

Thanks Jeff + Carmelyn for being so amazing!

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Venue: Laurel Packinghouse
Dress: Sposa Wedding World
Jewlery: Ann-Louise
Decor: Stage Right
Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals
Catering: Okanagan Street Food

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