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Krystal + Dan’s campground wedding in Cherryville, BC was pretty amazing! This is what you get when you combine the actual forest, with amazing decor, and a group of the most relaxed and fun people you’ve ever met!

Cherryville is about 80mins from Kelowna, but we didn’t mind the drive. It’s beautiful country. We arrived where Krystal and her best friends were getting ready in a cozy cabin while a light rain fell. We didn’t know it then, but we would experience every kind of possible fall weather in a single day. By the time we met up with Dan in an RV on the campgrounds, the sun was beginning to stream through the clouds.

The ceremony was held in a clearing surrounded by tall evergreens. The amazing alter was built just for this ceremony and it looked fantastic! During vows and rings there were plenty of smiles, laughs, tears, and more laughs. Everything was laid-back everybody had fun.

We photographed the Bridal Party right there on the property. Krystal wanted to get behind the bar to serve up a toast with their friends and we loved being able to photograph something a little out of the norm! We also went down to the ceremony area while enjoying the soft, cloudy light the now barely sprinkling sky was giving us.

We explored into the woods a bit with our couple and had a great time taking pictures on the trails, the road, and near the alter. Later, after dinner, we popped out near an open field as the sun also popped out and gave that gorgeous sunset light we were hoping for!

The reception was expertly decorated with touches of all things fancy-rustic. The ladies of Ruffles n Roses did a wonderful job and we can’t wait to work with them again! Check out their link below. After the speeches it was time for a romantic first dance outside, and then we all shuffled into the bar for some live music and dancing.

Check out the whole day!

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Venue: Route 6 Campground
Dress: L’Amore Bridal
Officiant: Larve Hayes
Decor/Coordination: Ruffles n Roses
Catering: Big Steve
Dessert: Whisk Cake Company
Rentals: Avalon Event Rentals
Makeup Artist: Lindy Loo Artistry

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