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Seven day old newborns are on the top of my list as one of my absolute favourite things. So for me, being one of the best Kelowna Newborn Photographers is totally my dream job. Right up there with being a wedding photographer.

Little Miss L was just seven days old for her Kelowna Newborn Photography Session. She had been born in a peace-filled home birth just the week before, and she was still so squishy and new and her big brother and big sister couldn’t get enough cuddles and kisses, and her mommy and daddy couldn’t be filled with more joy while watching their three sweet ones.

Not everyone understands what an in-home newborn session is like with me. It’s filled with soft music and white noise, hushed voices, cuddles and rocking, and pure peace. In my three years in this business, every single shoot has been just that: a peace-filled experience for baby and for the family, and a little known secret is these sessions bring me so much peace as well.

Amidst the soft music and cuddles my newborn sessions are filled with lots of quiet waiting. You can expect your newborn session to be between 1 and 3 hours long. Being a newborn photographer requires a special kind of patience. But this quiet waiting is like being on the top of a mountain top for me. There is so much awe and wonder in watching a brand new baby sleeping, and breathing, and just being.

And so I would like to share one of my most favourite newborn sessions with you today.

May it bring you joy and peace.

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